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We encounter cases in which people raise seeds of new technology, and when they try to launch a product, they face problems such as not knowing how to do business, what they should start with, how they should build a strategy, and so on, and they take a long time to release these products, do not manage to do so at all, or, even though their products possess fantastic technology, their traits are not conveyed well and do not penetrate the market.

We would like to contribute to improve patients' QOL and save the lives of many.

At Premo Partners, together with everyone who wants to develop medical device and healthcare equipment, as well as everyone who wants to nurture current products into more valuable ones, we would like to constantly exercise a sense of ownership and focus on “Implement” as experts with practical experience in the field of medical device.

Kumi Sakurai,
CEO, Premo Partners Inc.

Business Outline

  • We will screen for the possibilities of a new business.
  • We will work with you to create each of the 10 strategies for commercialization
  • We will support for the whole process, from the design of the development process to developing a market and formulating promotions after the product has been released into the market.

10 Strategies for Implementation

- Patenting Strategy
- Research & Development
- Clinical Trials
- Regulatory Approval
- Quality Management
- Reimbursement

Premo Partners, Inc.

- Marketing & Stakeholder Strategy
- Sales Strategy
- Competitive Advantage & Business
- Overseas Marketing Strategy

1. Hands-on service
2. Consulting service
3. Marketing service
1. Hands-on service

For Startups
There are many corporations that end up putting off their marketing, sales, and regulatory affairs strategies because they can only afford the cost of developing the product specifications at the time of establishment. Developing products without creating a picture of what happens after the product is released into the market creates a large risk of its specs and conditions for approval not fitting the market and should be avoided at all costs. We create a picture of what happens after the product is released into the market together with you starting from the time of establishment and help you obtain regulatory approval while focusing on the market and product value after it goes on the market. We will undertake all other tasks for startups that currently on have seeds of technology.

2. Consulting service

For Corporates
In response to customers who want to make use of their company's technology to develop a new business related to medical device, we provide consulting services to share our expertise based on our experience. Are you letting a rare business opportunity get away because the field of medical device and healthcare equipment has many regulations and not much information is available to the public, so you have no idea how to access it even if you are interested in this field? The world if healthcare is waiting for everyone's technologies and ideas.

3. Marketing service

For all who wants to successfully convey the strengths of their new products or repromote existing products
We will generate an invention and a plan for execution with you based on actual experiences in successfully and unsuccessfully.



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Kumi Sakurai Founder & CEO


Launched many treatment medical devices as a leader in marketing department in some global medical device companies for more than a decade
Marketing Manager Structure Heart Division, Abbott Medical Japan:
Sr. Marketing Manager, Cardio Vascular Division, St. Jude Medical Japan:
Marketing manager, Peripheral Division, Clinical program manager, Cardio Vascular Division, project leader of renal denervation, Medtronic Japan
Manager, Quality Management of Haematology division, Beckman Coulter
Research fellow, Keio Univ School of Medicine:
(Product) drug eluting stent and balloon for coronary artery, peripheral-vascular devices, OCT, FFR, tissue heart valve, mechanical heart valve, congenital catheter device, renal denervation

  • Master’s degree of Chemical Engineering Majored in bioengineering, Waseda Univ.
  • Bachelor’s degree of Chemical Engineering, Waseda Univ.

Yujiro Maeda, D.D.S., Ph.D Co-Founder & Partner


Co-Director, Japan Biodesign,
Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo Hospital
Director, Aillis Inc.
Founder & CEO, Precision Dentistry Inc.
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Medical Devices Research & Operation Consortium (MERO)
Serves as the Co-Director for Japan Biodesign, The University of Tokyo. Currently, also serves as Director of Aillis Inc developing medical devices equipped with machine learning program & as founder of several medical device start-ups and organizations (Premo Partners Inc., Precision Dentistry Inc., & MERO). And teaches at several medical schools & Waseda business schools in Japan.
A venture capital firm with an exclusive focus on life sciences and healthcare services in seed and early stage companies in 2014-2018.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.: Division of Global Business in 2013
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Division of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine of The University of Tokyo Hospital as a Clinical Fellow in 2006-2013.

  • Joined Stanford Biodesign as a Visiting Instructor from University of Tokyo and was certificated Completion Global Faculty Training of Stanford Biodesign in 2014
  • Ph.D. of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine of The University of Tokyo
  • D.D.S. , Kyushu University School of Dentistry